Death Hippie

Hails from Wales.

Got so drunk tonight that I rolled in the grass, talked a lot of shit, didn’t know where I was, everything was spinning and I thought I may have done drugs by accident, I tried to have sex in the park and we stripped in a nettle patch, I threw up on a street corner, got punched in the face multiple times by a fat girl in a tracksuit, got paranoid my face might be disfigured, fell asleep in a shop and made a load of friends on the train home. Let’s all cheer for classiness. Great time though. Much rock n roll.


Neverbloom by Philomena-Famulok
"Legends of Rock" innit!  Left to right - Owen, Lucy and myself
When I first got into black metal, I got into Mayhem and endlessly searched for information on Dead/Pelle. I suppose you could say he captivated me as he did all the others that felt outside of things. And I wont deny that he was beautiful. Which of course, he never saw. Many people will always think themselves much worse than they are.  ”Autumn, the time when everything falls rotten and dies”. Love it. Makes me sad, all his passion and ranting on, seemed such an uncompromisingly strange character (strange, a good thing) , even if, really, much of it was to create a character. Just a sad kid who went through so much at such a young age and felt he had to end his life. And, fucking hell,  how much he holds for people now.